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        1. Sinopharm International: “Friend” More Countries along Belt and Road Route

          source:Sinopharm Internationaldate:2017/5/31 view:0

          As Sinopharm Group’s major platform for international business, China Sinopharm International Corporation (Sinopharm International) has been continuously promoting its economic trading with countries along the Belt and Road route, guided by the national strategy and Sinopharm Group’s requirements. With the going global of its products, industry, services, networks, investment and financing, Sinopharm International is “friending” more and more countries along the Belt and Road route, and provides assistance to the development of medical and healthcare industries of these countries, which has been highly appraised by relevant departments of China and the Belt and Road countries.

          As of April 2017, Sinopharm International has built trading relations with more than 60 countries along the Belt and Road route, with trading scope covering medicinal products, medical instruments, materials for health food, and medical engineering etc. During the 12th Five-year Plan, the trading volume exceeded 4.1 billion US dollars. And within the beginning two years that has just passed of the 13th Five-year Plan, this number has already amounted to almost 2 billion US dollars. (Reported by Sinopharm International)

          CCTV Evening News reported traditional Chinese medicine export business of Sinopharm International on May 8th, 2017.