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        1. Sinopharm Launches New Logo

          source:Sinopharm Groupdate:2017/5/31 view:0

          On May 15th, the new logo of Sinopharm Group was launched at the opening ceremony of the 77th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF Spring 2017) held by Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions.

          After the screen was activated to show the new logo by representatives from Sinopharm’s subsidiaries and partners in the industry jointly, Yang Liu, Deputy Secretary of Sinopharm Group’s Party Committee, announced the launch of new logo, witnessed by all enterprises exhibiting in the fair.

          The inspiration of the new logo comes from water, the source of life. In the color of green, blue and turquoise, the logo displays an image of waving water, embodying an old Chinese saying “Shang Shan Ruo Shui” which means that the highest excellence is like that of water, nurturing everything on earth but indifferent to fame. The logo is in the form of spiraling up, imitating that of DNA, indicating the nature of medical and pharmaceutical industry and the vision for its development.

          Sinopharm Group will hold on to the idea of All for Health, Health for all, and stick to the value of care, responsibility, innovation, and sharing. She will also bring to the society and the consumers reachable shared value by dedicating herself in continuous innovation and structuring an ecological chain of the mass medical and health industry, and in this effort enables people to enjoy health products and services of high quality and to pursue a better life. (Reported by Legal Department of Sinopharm Group)