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        1. Fresenius Delegation Visits Sinopharm Dongfeng

          source:Sinopharm Internationaldate:2018/2/26 view:0

          On November 29 and 30, a delegation from Fresenius Kabi, Helios, and Vamed visited Sinopharm Dongfeng, where they visited several hospitals. Mr. Ding Haiyun, Director of International Corporation Department of Sinopharm, Mr. Zhang Lehui, Deputy General Manager of Sinopharm Healthcare, and Mr. He Hongsheng, General Manager of Sinopharm Dongfeng welcomed the delegation.

          Both sides introduced respectively the business operation of Sinopharm Group, Sinopharm Healthcare, Sinopharm Dongfeng, Fresenius Kabi, Helios, and Vamed before exchanging views on issues of common concern. Later the delegation visited Sinopharm Dongfeng General Hospital, Sinopharm Huaguo Hospital, and Sinopharm Maojian Hospital, and praised the progress that Sinopharm has made in healthcare management. (Reported by Sinopharm International)