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        1. Serbia President Attends Opening Ceremony of Sinopharm International Project

          source:Sinopharm Internationaldate:2018-2-26 view:0

          On December 17, Aleksandar Vu?i?, President of Serbia, Milorad Dodik, President of the Serb Republic, and Serbia premier Ana Brnabi? visited the Nis Clinical Center for the opening ceremony. Serbia’s health minister also attended the ceremony.

          The clinic is the first medical project of Sinopharm International in Europe. The main business includes the installation, maintenance of medical equipment, and trainings. Strictly complying with the standards and timelines set forth in the contract, the project team of Sinopharm International spared no effort and successfully completed the purchase, supply, and the installation of major imaging equipment.

          Serbia is a key country in China’s Belt and Road Initiative with great medical market potentials. The completion of the project brings both social and economic benefits, promotes the brand popularity of Sinopharm in the local market, and lays a solid foundation for the company to expand business in Central and Eastern Europe. (Reported by Sinopharm International)